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PPC Management Services

The PPC Management Services also called Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Advertising (SEA) or Adwords marketing service. Search engine marketing includes promotion of your website doing so mainly by sponsored links (commercial links).

The leading platforms of the market:

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Microsoft AdCenter (Bing)

Search Marketing is growing faster than other channels of internet and traditional marketing. SEO agencies offer intermediary PPC Management Services between search engines and companies owning websites, advertisers. These agencies offer 2 complementary marketing strategies:

Sponsored links (commercial links):

The creation of an advertising campaign requires a good knowledge of the search behavior of the targeted Internet users. A web agency expert in the creation of paid referencing has the role of studying your competition. It develops an establish an effective and profitable strategy and implement it. It then manages your commercial links by adjusting your costs (bids) and your ads. The goal is to always attract more qualified traffic while minimizing your advertising costs. Such campaigns are now much cheaper as compared to other traditional advertising methods, which offers many more opportunities.

This method of advertising on the web is the most used because it is measurable in real time and very profitable when it is well managed.

Natural referencing:

The approach undertaken by your agency is the competitive study, the creation of an SEO strategy and its implementation. This service requires regular optimization of your website to maximize your ROI and keep track of your competitive market.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Speed of implementation of a Search Marketing campaign, see “spontaneity”
  • Solution particularly relevant for a strategy of visibility of a new website and event actions
  • Excellent conversion rate (search marketing results are measurable accurately)
  • Strong guarantees of good positioning in the commercial results of engines
  • The setting up of sponsored links on Google offers 90% visibility in the search results (market share occupied by Google)

SEM / SEA convergence points

We guide you to the top economically, giving first place to your ads while making the best use of your budget. We conduct very detailed market research and competition studies, we test and optimize your landing pages, we search for the right keywords, we develop the ads and we develop effective advertising on Google Adwords, or we optimize your existing ads. Our services range from consulting for specific action recommendations and an individual SEM strategy to concrete implementation by our team of long-term support experts that includes continual optimization of your marketing campaigns.

  • Strategic consultation and SEM / PPC campaign design
  • Keyword Analysis, Market Research, Competition Study
  • Development, installation and optimization of quality advertising
  • Creating effective landing pages
  • Maintenance of the advertising campaign and constant management of the cost per click and the adjustment of the keywords

Be found through Google advertising

Google AdWords can reach users as they search for your products and services. Your website therefore records visits from potential targeted customers. Cost-per-click (CPC) pricing means that you only pay when users click on your ad. It also helps control costs more easily.

Your advertising on the search engines

Since, it is extremely difficult to rank on the first page of a search engine search result. As a result, more and more companies are using cost-per-click (CPC) advertising or PPC Management Services.

If you are interested in a PPC Management Services for your website, please contact us.

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