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What is the content of the Web? In other words, how do you communicate on the Web? The Internet is made up of a multitude of information services. Which is linked to a wide variety of technical communication protocols. These different protocols and devices impose a variety of specific uses of digital communication, where one publishes contents of different nature. What are these contents?

To determine our online communication strategy, we need, at the very least, to master the typology of information that these media offer. In other words, we must be able to identify and distinguish the types of information we can give to our audiences and adapt these types to their needs, behaviors and trends.

Therefore, it’s even becoming the workhorse of content marketing experts and other media branding specialists.

The forum is a discussion area. There are certain rules and regulations to guide communication between users. The blog, meanwhile, has a more personalized editorial line, presenting short articles in chronological order. In short, each online editorial format has its particularities, its uses and its assets.

4 Types of Web Content

  1. News and events
  2. Information – knowledge
  3. Press Releases
  4. Content-services

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News and Events

The press release is still neglected today by many companies. Yet it is a great tool that serves to give credibility to your image. It also helps to create opportunities but also to advertise (almost) free!

Newspapers and specialized presses are no longer fueling a traditional news cycle. Instead they are constantly seeking to renew themselves and to have exclusives. That’s why, the press release is an ally that allows you to deliver relevant content to your prospects and influences the potential customers.

A good press release can help a company to stand out. It also build good relations with journalists over time, which is not negligible!

Information - knowledge

These are the contents made available on specialized sites. Most of all, in the form of files, white papers, index cards, databases, newsletters, etc.

These contents can be free of access or not (in which case they require an access code associated or not with a prior payment). The more knowledge specializes in all fields, the more these contents are appreciated and sought after.

Most noteworthy, this format of content makes it possible to communicate knowledge, a construction. It is not raw data that is published here. Rather, it is qualified information. It passes through the filters of expertise. It seems like, there exists a certain relationship to the world, work, and professional activity or not.

Press Releases

Links in press releases are no longer valuable in terms of seo. Do not bother trying to win places in Google’s results pages. However, it is a way to work on the image of your company and gain potential traffic by targeting journalists.

Since 2013, Google has made it clear that links from News Releases no longer carry weight to recipient pages. These links no longer transfer link juices to the pages they point to.

In SEO, the publication of articles in press releases is a technique to be used sparingly. However, you can publish 1 to 3 articles per month, being careful not to optimize link anchors.


These are, most often, applications: registration forms, price compactors, reservation modules. Today, all services-type content work through them: product catalogs, organizational charts, directories, error files, … Most noteworthy, these dynamic sources of information provide a results-oriented communication. The user appropriates the consultation of the database by choosing from a variety of input keys and criteria that meet their needs.

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The user controls the age of the information

This typology certainly shows that the information needs are of a different nature (four, by simple). But it does not emphasize, as such. The variety of formats that these types of content have since the advent of the Internet. Now, if the field of information is constantly expanding, the forms are, one after another, new, integrated, specialized, segmented, sophisticated.

So today, the user can not only choose his information, but also build it. It can automate, organize, systematize, aggregate, create in its own way information. This is the case, in particular, of service type information, but this also applies to other types. The RSS feed , for example, allows users to subscribe to updates in the News section of my website. And to consult them on his Smartphone, in his mail client or on an online aggregation. Furthermore, to the overabundance of information, has added its ubiquity.

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