about search engine optimization

About Search Engine Optimization

All main search engines such as google, yahoo and bing have primary search results, ranked based on seo  techniques by the rules of google tools. this blog contains advice about search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Even if it’s not as important as it could have been, Google considers reciprocal links. Put links to other sites and include keywords near the links you put on your site.
  • Anyone can go to Google and type “keyword research” to find tools, which used with a little common sense, should help you a lot.
  • Correct dead links, search engines do not like links that lead to nothing.
  • If you have more than 30 relevant words for your business, you may need to hire about search engine optimization professional who works in a specialized company or as a freelancer.
  • If you want to optimize your website for your city, country, etc., be sure to sprinkle terms related to your location in your site. Include them in the text as well as in the meta tags. Search engines do not know where you are unless you tell them.
  • You could bring out your keywords  About Search Engine Optimization by putting them in bold or italic.
  • Internal links in your site can help positioning it. Site plans are ideal for generating internal links and improving your website!
  • Search Engine algorithms evaluate the relevance of your page to the keywords by comparing them to its content. For example, if you sell “widgets” on your site. But you do not mention “widgets” in the text of the page. You do not give a lot of material to the search engines. Make sure you do not spam the search engines by repeating the same keywords to infinity.
  • The most important thing you need to remember is that the goal of any internet advertising is to get your website up in the first 3 pages of the search engine rankings, so that the products or services you offer will end up at the top of the search results of your potential customers. This free advertising is the most powerful tool in the world, but you can not buy it, you have to earn it. People pay billions of dollars a year to companies like Google for very small ads that do not even give enough information to attract their target customers. This system works because advertisements are very small.A small ad that catches someone’s attention will also make him want to click on the site that make him think what’s he is looking for. This traffic has a value and increases your positioning in the search engines. Even though some sites generate tons of traffic every month. This is not the case for most of them. So it’s easy to drop sites that are at the top to take their place. You do not need a lot of traffic to find yourself in the first three pages of the search results.
  • You really have to use your common sense. Sit down for a minute and think. “What would a person want to find on my site? What research would I do to find it? Try entering phrases into your keyword tool to find new ideas. As well as the most searched phrases on the Net. Do not rely 100% on the numbers generated by these tools, they are rarely accurate. However, you can use these tools to get an idea of ​​new keywords, find user schematics, and more to cross-check.

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